This cute little coffee table belonged to my grandparents and I just couldn't let it go! As you can see from the first picture, I had attempted painting it gold but it just didn't look right. You know that I LOVE leopard print so have tried to incorporate little pops of it into my home. 

Read on to see how I jazzed up a simple little table!

How to upcycle an old table - THE TEMPLE WOLF

(Spot the kitty....)


Leopard print craft paper   

First I got my supplies ready. This craft paper I got from The Range, Liffey Valley, Dublin, PVA Glue and a paintbrush.

Having learned my lesson from previous mistakes (I'll say no more!), I decided to work on this project OUTSIDE!


Pouring PVA glue on to sections of the table, I worked on the corners first. I tore the paper into sections and lay them on the PVA glue, once I had spread the glue out using the brush (not pictured). I found that using the corner piece of the page worked better on fitting the corners of the table. Who'da thought...?!

Leopard Print upcycled old coffee table

Tah dah! The table was complete. Almost. 

What did I learn so you don't have to??

1. Make sure you have enough paper to cover your project. I laid out the sheets on the table before beginning but after you rip them and layer them, you'll realise you need more. That was a fun revelation! As you can see, I used a different pattern leopard to fill in the blanks. It looks okay but not as good as it would have had I had enough!

2. Tearing the paper leaves white edges on the side of the pieces. I went over these using a brown watercolour paint. I don't think there's a solution for this really as cutting the would make the edges too harsh.

3. The table needs some sort of protective glaze as every time I have a hot or cold drink, the glue melts and holds on to my cup! 

So...maybe not the Pinterest worthy project you were hoping for but might get your DIY juices flowing and make you think of saving a piece of old furniture you have!



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