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This cute little coffee table belonged to my grandparents and I just couldn't let it go! As you can see from the first picture, I had attempted painting it gold but it just didn't look right. You know that I LOVE leopard print so have tried to incorporate little pops of it into my home.  Read on to see how I jazzed up a simple little table! (Spot the kitty....)       First I got my supplies ready. This craft paper I got from The Range, Liffey Valley, Dublin, PVA Glue and a paintbrush. Having learned my lesson from previous mistakes (I'll say no more!), I decided to work on this project OUTSIDE!   Pouring PVA glue on to...

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Tips for creating a Bohemian Wedding!

So...I’m getting married in June 2019. After 10 years in a relationship and over a year engaged, we’ve finally decided that we better get our act together and make it official! It’s funny how since picking a venue and date, all I see is WEDDINGS! I have been warned many times to make sure I don’t get sucked down the rabbit hole but no one told me the rabbit hole was this hard to avoid! Pinterest has been the best and worst thing for me! In keeping with the style of, I’m going for a very bohemian style event. I’m thinking neutral colour tones, a relaxed dress code, lots of greenery, candles etc. I have already earmarked a number...

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