Jewellery Care

Gold plating is a wonderful way of getting the look of gold without the cost of it. Unfortunately, gold plating will wear away over time. If you wish for your piece to truly be a 'forever' piece, I recommend you go for one of our solid gold beauties.

Tips for extending the life of your jewellery:

1. Remove your piece before washing (showering, washing hands, doing dishes etc.)

2. Do not let your piece come into contact with perfumes, creams or any other chemicals that could break down the metals. Apply them and leave time for them to dry before wearing your jewellery. 

3. Store you jewellery in its own ziplock bag, pouch or the box it came in. Try to keep gold with gold and silver with silver.

Stainless steel (although cheaper) is a lot hardier than gold plated materials and is often a good option if you want to wear your item on a more regular basis. The ÉIRE Ireland map necklaces and rings are made of a high quality stainless steel. 

If you have any questions regarding the care of your jewellery, get in touch at