You've never seen SUNGLASSES like these!

Black Rock Tourmaline sunglasses on The Temple Wolf by MyWillowsWe're so delighted to have been accepted as a stockist for the beautiful and unique sunglasses brand MyWillows. To check them out, click here! 

MyWillows sunglasses brand stockist - The Temple Wolf

MyWillows was started by Sasha. Sasha was born and raised in Manhattan, New York but has a rich family history and speaks English, French and Croatian. 

After splitting with her ex-husband several years ago, Sasha had to make a significant change to her life. She used her knowledge of the fashion industry to start MyWillows, a fun sunglasses/jewellery hybrid brand. 

Sasha saw the desire for a single piece that worked as multiple accessories: sunglasses, earrings and necklace! Using beautiful natural crystals to adorn each pair of sunglasses, she creates something unique, beautiful and powerful. 

Each pair is handmade in the USA.

SOULMATE heart shaped crystal chain sunglasses MyWillows The Temple WolfModel wearing MyWillows heart shaped jewellery sunglasses



STEP 1. Place the frames on the bridge of your nose. 

STEP 2. The frames tend to rest higher on the nose bridge than traditional sunglasses. Hook the 18k gold plated chain over and around the back of the ear. The crystal adorned chains will hang down on either side to look like earrings.

STEP 3. When the sun sets, put the frames behind the neck and tie the chain together in front to create a necklace.

How to wear My Willows crystal boho style sunglasses

We have selected a few of our favourite styles to stock for you here at THE TEMPLE WOLF, Ireland. We hope you like them!

To read more about Sasha's story and the MyWillows brand click here.

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