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"I'm not one for making lists and lists of resolutions for the new year. (I've learned from experience that this does not work for me!) I do however, like to greet the new year with mindfulness and intention as we enter into another year's cycle." Use the Selenite, Sage and Palo Santo ritual kit and spend a few moments cleansing a space to prepare yourself for a new cycle.

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MOON BATH - A Self Care Ritual

  A BATHING RENAISSANCE I first came across the Moon Bath brand on a trip to America. I was initially drawn to their products because of their beautiful packaging. I soon realised they were so much more than a pretty face! I love the idea of putting everything down and taking some time for yourself. The idea of mindfully preparing a bath and relaxing in a beautiful blend of warm water sounds like such a treat to me. Moon Bath uses recycled material for its packaging and all its packaging is fully recyclable or compostable. The founders of the company, Dakota and Sierra are passionate about being responsible members of the global community and are more than just a business....

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