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Brands that have inspired me ~ Part 2

  They say the admitting you have a problem is the first step. If that's the case then I'm in full admission swing! Here I go with Part Deux of the brands that I love. In the Summer of 2013, I found constant references were being made to a new shop called Shutterbug. Shutterbug was based in Kilkenny and was the brainchild of Blanaid Hennessy. If you Google her, you'll see why I have a slight obsession with her! It stocked mainly vintage items at the time. Their range of quirky yet wearable clothes (which often, vintage stores don't have) were sold at a price that I was able to afford. I harassed my mother long enough for her to...

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Brands that have inspired me ~ Part 1

  I am someone who cannot flick through an online shop without buying something! I am a master of negotiating with myself and everyone around me. I am queen at giving myself 10 good reasons to buy something! I will trade money, time and services (WITH MYSELF!) in my mind so I can justify the purchase. I then emerge from my room, red faced and flustered as if I've been up to something naughty (which I have been I suppose!).  Although I am susceptible to the charms of most stores, there are those that hold a particular grasp on me and my purse strings... 1. WOW. Run by two sisters, Spell & the Gypsy Collective has held my heart for years. One...

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The Temple Wolf ~ from conception to birth!

  If you're reading this, then I thank you for visiting my store! The Temple Wolf (or the concept before it was given a name!) has been an idea whirring around my mind for the last 10 years. After several years living abroad, I decided that when I settled back home, I would give it a go.* I initially had the plan to open an real life shop. After advice from friends and family however, I realised that that was not a viable option for me and there were far too many risks associated with it, many of which I couldn't even afford.  After meeting with a web designer, I felt excited but also nervous and overwhelmed. There was a...

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