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It's coming up on a year since The Temple Wolf was finally released into the wild. In some ways, it feels like a lot less, and in other ways, a LOT more! After spending a lot of my savings on stock (and pretty samples for myself...) and depop-ing my wardrobe away to fund said 'stock' addiction, it is only now that I'm starting to see The Temple Wolf head into the green.  I think it's important to give a little of what we have to those in need and so I'm delighted to announce that I will be donating €1 from every order to charity. It's not a lot, I know, but for now it's all I can afford and...

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KBC WedFest 2017

I'm delighted to annouce that THE TEMPLE WOLF will be hosting a stand at this year's KBC WedFest.  This event is run by an Irish company called Green Shoes Events.  #kbcwedfest2017 is an alternative wedding festival, focused on creating the day you want outside of the traditional cookie-cutter template. The event celebrates individuality and highlights the number of options for couples out there who don’t want to go down the traditional wedding route. The aim of the event is to help couples to plan the day they really want, that reflects their personalities, their tastes and their story, in THEIR way. Even though I'm not a bride myself (why won't anyone love me??!!), I find myself getting more and more...

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