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Blessed in Blessington!

Last weekend myself and da fella took a trip out to Blessington for a Sunday walk. I dragged him off the couch, threw him in the car and off we went. After a recommendation from a friend, we headed toward the Avon Rí hotel where the walk begins. Famished after our long journey of 20 minutes, we headed straight for the restaurant where we (I) decided to sit outside. The view was STUNNING! (Sozzzy, don't have a pic!) After about 15 minutes of pretending we didn't have goosebumps on every inch of our bodies and that the arrival of a rather loud group of children and their entourage didn't bother us, we headed back inside. The food was okay... There was...

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Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream Review

Although I'm a mad one for the aul make up, I have never done a product review before. So the fact that I AM doing one says a lot for this product. I decided to jump on to the matte lipstick bandwagon (rather late, I know). Rather than go bananas in Boots as I usually do, I decided to act a bit more sensible and try some products out before buying. After swatching a few different brands on my hand, I defied natural law and pulled myself out of Boots with nothing. Yes, your applause and praise is accepted.  I noticed that while the majority of other lip creams rubbed off on to my clothes, bags, white couch etc. as the...

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