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Beautiful packaging for new brand ANNABELLA MOORE!

I recently attended a jewellery trade show. Imagine stalls and stalls of jewellery of all sorts. Diamonds glinting as you pass, trays and trays of precious stones, gold and silver in all forms! Yes, it's heaven! I saw Anna and her ANNABELLA MOORE stand from a distance. Her packaging and presentation intrigued me. As I drew closer, I got that butterfly sensation in my stomach. "I'll take the lot!" I yelled! You can finish the story... Anna feels dismayed by the lack of real interactions we have with each other in this hectic, social media dominated world. She wanted to create a collection that was beautiful, meaningful and special. Behind each piece is a story, lesson or motto. Be true...

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The Irish Abroad ~ Part 1

Over the past few months, I have been inundated with messages, calls, texts, letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, smoke signals and pigeons about whether or not The Temple Wolf can create The Éire necklace with the heart in different positions. The Wolf listened, and today, is delighted to announce that I am launching 4 different versions of The Éire. Now you can declare your allegiance to Ulster, Munster, Leinster or Connaught! We all know which one is best though... To celebrate the launch of the new Éire range, I asked Irish women living abroad to answer a few questions about their life. Part 1 features two lovely ladies who are representing the Irish in London and Hong Kong. 1. Jessica Garland-Blake...

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Christmas Giveaway!

Roll up, roll up for the chance to win a prize worth over €300! The Temple Wolf has collaborated with 9 different brands and bloggers to bring you a haul of prizes this winter! With still time to enter (9th December), I thought I would do a little blog post on whats up for grabs in our big prize. Who's involved?  Lorraine Booth (@styleboothique) Fashion, Beauty and travel blogger based in Ireland. (I also went to college with her...although she is a tad younger. A smidge. A tiny teeny bit...) The Hidden Gem ( Stunning statement jewellery featuring pops of colour and sparkly gems - Perfect for the party season! Serena Stack (@unrivalled_chic) Fashion & lifestyle blogger. Celtic Coin Craft...

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