Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream Review

Although I'm a mad one for the aul make up, I have never done a product review before. So the fact that I AM doing one says a lot for this product.

I decided to jump on to the matte lipstick bandwagon (rather late, I know). Rather than go bananas in Boots as I usually do, I decided to act a bit more sensible and try some products out before buying. After swatching a few different brands on my hand, I defied natural law and pulled myself out of Boots with nothing. Yes, your applause and praise is accepted. 

I noticed that while the majority of other lip creams rubbed off on to my clothes, bags, white couch etc. as the day went on, the Sleek one stayed put. #IMPRESSED

Back I went to get it. In a scene much like one would see if one was collecting a newly adopted child, I collected my new baby and headed home with a full heart... and even fuller lips.

I chose the shade Birthday Suit;  a nudey, browny, creamy colour. (Great description there). 

I love it and can't stop wearing it. I even went back to get another shade. I wanted a darker one but made the mistake of thinking my mother would encourage this. "Try them on!" she said. "Eww, no, no one tries on the lipstick samples, Mum!" I protested. I eventually gave in. I should inform you at this point, that I was pretty sick this particular evening. (PUT DOWN THE LIPSTICK I HEAR YOU YELL) and was kind of delirious as a result. The fact that you struggle to find a mirror in the make up section in Boots tells you that you shouldn't really be trying the products on. Not a problem. Charlotte Tilbury over here, decided she knew exactly how to apply lipstick without a mirror. I chose the darkest colour of course, opened the lip cream and headed towards what I thought was my top lip. My wuzzy head took a turn for the worse at this particular moment and I shoved the lip cream somewhere between by upper lip and my nose but definitely not on my lip... The product's staying power is so good that in those short few seconds it had dried and I was left with no choice but to fill in the rest of my lips and wander around Boots and indeed the rest of the shopping centre with my Kylie Jenner esque lips. Yes, I got some looks.

 Today I purchased the lip cream in the shade Velvet Slipper. 

Thinking I'm now a beauty blogger, I took some photos of myself with the lip cream on. Hmm. I've discovered that 1. I'm either worse than I thought at applying lipstick or 2. I have very unsymmetrical lips. Feel free to laugh at the pictures.


Very professional application...

Very professional application... overall review.

PROS: Great lipstick. Amazing staying power. Beautiful colours. Reasonable price.

CONS: Quite drying on the lips. Wish there were more colours available. Can be tricky to remove off skin (so use a mirror). 

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