Gift Guide Part 3 - Home!

Gifts for the Home!

I was fortunate enough to buy my first home 2 years ago. It's still in the very early stages of where I'd like it to be but I'm enjoying creating a space that's my own! (Don't worry, I give my husband a shelf, I'm not a monster.)

Here are some of the beautiful online stores I love to follow! Once again, I just know I've forgotten so many so I apologise! 

Bodhi Boutique is a mother-daughter venture. They describe themselves as providers of high quality bohemian and oriental style homeware. So now you see why I was sold the minute I found them?  I think this Luna lampshade is GAWWWGEEOUUS! What a statement piece it would be in a cosy living room or bohemian style bedroom. Or my bedroom. Yes, it would be best suited to my house...


Grá print by Dear Judy

Liz has curated and designed the most beautiful collection of quirky pieces. Think velvet, fringe, rich colours and LEOPARD PRINT! I love the Grá print because it’s bright but dark, girly but masculine and obviously has the aul Gaeilge in it!

Skull Gift Hamper by Cauldron, Candles and Soaps

Santa, I’ve been a very bad girl. I deserve nothing but skulls this Christmas... I purchased some skull melts from Lucy back in October but have only managed to light one! I love the look of them too much! Her products are handmade using soy.

Flowstate Yoga Mats

“Flowstate began as a “Passion Project”, founded by three friends who were inspired by each others’ work and wanted to find a way for their worlds to collide and so the unique collaboration began.” These mats are eco-friendly, biodegradable and use 100% natural rubber. What’s more is that they each come with a built in hanging feature so they double as a piece of art when not in use! I met the beautiful owner Adrienne the other day. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious! That’s what happens when you’re proud of, and confident in, your product!

Available in a number of stockists as well as their website



Macramé cushion cover by Meggy&Me

I’m a sucker for Macramé. Don’t quite know how to pronounce it but by gawd do I love it! This UK based store has a range of beautiful cushion covers. The cushions look so cosy, plush and have that bohemian style I love.

Lotus Tealight Holders from The Temple Wolf 

When I saw these beauties I knew I had to get them! Available in amethyst and clear quartz. I have 2 versions available: a more polished version and a natural, rough crystal version.

Crystal tealight holders Lotus THE TEMPLE WOLF


Bar cart/storage unit by

Stand out furniture the likes of which I’ve never seen before! Deliver one of each to my house immediately please. Thank you!


Anam Cara – Soul Mate print by Under the Willow Paper

A beautiful gift for a newly engaged or married couple. Or maybe just a best friend. Or maybe your cat. Or maybe you just like the look of this beautiful piece of art and that’s okay too!



Silk pillowcase by White and Green

Another Mother-Daughter(s) combo, these ladies work closely with their Fairtrade factory in India to create high quality bed linen. Sleep like a queen on their silk pillowcases knowing you will wake up looking 10 years younger and with twice the amount of hair you had going to bed! My dear friend Judith bought be a set of these for a wedding present and I mean, look at me....


Professional Home Organising and Decluttering Service by Anna Day

“Imagine a home that is calm, welcoming, and everything has its own place!” Well I can’t imagine that Anna, so I need you to come over and make it happen! Anna offers a professional home organising and decluttering service. I guarantee you will  immediately feel at ease around her beautiful calming nature.

Visit her Instagram @itsannaday to chat or head to

My Life Compass Diary 2020 by The Navigation Coach

Tara’s vast experience has been poured into this useful diary. A great daily planner as well as a tool to help you map your goals, visualise your path and encourage gratitude!

Fox Wooden Board by Caulfield Country Boards

This family run business is based in Co. Meath and they create all their pieces using sustainably sourced hardwood. Wolves are obviously my favourites but foxes are a close second. These wooden boards would be a lovely way to serve up your tasty treats this December!

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