What is face rolling? 

Crystal Face Roller Rose Quartz Aventurine Jade Amethyst


Face rolling is a facial massage technique used to boost circulation, stimulate muscles, relax and destress. Face rolling involves the use of a face rolling tool. Using a crystal roller incorporates the metaphysical properties of each stone.




How does it work?

Taking a few moments for yourself to create this self-care ritual will calm and relax you. Face rolling can act as a form of mediation in our busy lives.

Facial rolling aids the work being done by your lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage helps unblock congestions and remove toxins. As well as helping the lymph system, facial massage stimulates circulation and blood flow bringing oxygen to the point of massage. This is a natural form of anti-aging as it increases collagen and skin elasticity to encourage a glowing, plumper looking skin. Using a tool allows for a gentle massage of the face rather than pulling and tugging the delicate facial skin with ones hands.

Woman using Crystal Face Roller

How do I use my crystal roller? 

Start at the centre point of the chin and work your way down the neck towards the collarbones. Do several lines of movement as you work out towards the ear, continuing to roll in a downwards motion. I like to repeat each line 3 times. Repeat on the opposite side.


Heading back to the chin, roll the roller out under the jaw line toward the ear then down the side of the neck. Once again, repeating each line several times. No pressure is needed. The weight of the crystal, as well as the repetitive rolling motion, is doing the work for you here. Continue working from the centre point of the face out towards the ear. You can use the roller on the eyelids but be sure to be gentle with yourself. Once you reach the forehead, continue that centre to outward motion.


Switch to the smaller end of the roller and lightly press from the inner corner of the eye out towards the out corner. Lightly press but do not drag or pull.

I like to use the small end of the roller to press on the third eye spot. This is the place between your eyebrows. Close your eyes and enjoy a few moments release with this.


Final Thoughts

  •  There are no wrong ways to use your crystal roller! Do what feels right.
  • Apply your favourite face cream or serum before rolling.
  • Keep your roller in the fridge so it’s cool when you begin!

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