Tips for creating a Bohemian Wedding!

So...I’m getting married in June 2019. After 10 years in a relationship and over a year engaged, we’ve finally decided that we better get our act together and make it official! It’s funny how since picking a venue and date, all I see is WEDDINGS! I have been warned many times to make sure I don’t get sucked down the rabbit hole but no one told me the rabbit hole was this hard to avoid! Pinterest has been the best and worst thing for me!

In keeping with the style of, I’m going for a very bohemian style event. I’m thinking neutral colour tones, a relaxed dress code, lots of greenery, candles etc.

I have already earmarked a number of TEMPLE WOLF pieces for the day. I plan to have the place glowing with candles, tealights and salt lamps! I’m going to decorate the pathway to the ceremony location (a magical, babbling brook!), with salt tealight holders.

Salt lamps electric THE TEMPLE WOLF wedding decorHimalayan Salt tea light holder The Temple WolfSalt tealight holder glowing light boho style

In keeping with the theme of soft, warm lighting, I’m going to place an Amethyst Lotus Tealight holder in the centre of each table to create a feeling of cosiness.

Amethyst lotus tealight holder and sage by The Temple Wolf Irish bohemian shop

The venue I’ve chosen is going to involve a lot of outdoor time. Fingers crossed we get good weather! I’m picturing lots of bohemian dreamcatchers flowing from tree branches and gates! I’ve linked some of my favourite below.

Dreamcatchers by thetemplewolf.comDreamcatcher bohemian style wedding Ireland

Feather and gold dreamcatcher Bohemian wool wall hangingBohemian style wedding Ireland dreamcatchers Pinterest

My beautiful sister Phoebe is going to be my bridesmaid. I want to gift her with a special piece of jewellery to thank her for being by my side on the day. I am going to give her one of my favourite pieces from - the AS LIGHT AS A FEATHER 9ct gold necklace. I wear mine almost every day. It’s a piece that compliments all others and due to it being pure gold, can be left on all the time.

As Light as a Feather 9CT Gold necklace THE TEMPLE WOLFFeather bohemian necklace from Irish store THE TEMPLE WOLF

By bringing in some of these little details to the day, I think I can make an already beautiful location into a really magical one. I want there to be touches of me (and my partner I suppose…!) wherever our guests look. I want the day to be a big party full of food, drink, great music and dancing!

All of the above pieces and lots more will be available at WEDFEST 2018. I would love to meet you there and have a chat about our weddings!

Find out more about WedFest 2018 here!

WedFest 2018 Wedding Festival Fair Ireland


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