Blessed in Blessington!

Last weekend myself and da fella took a trip out to Blessington for a Sunday walk. I dragged him off the couch, threw him in the car and off we went.

After a recommendation from a friend, we headed toward the Avon Rí hotel where the walk begins. Famished after our long journey of 20 minutes, we headed straight for the restaurant where we (I) decided to sit outside. The view was STUNNING! (Sozzzy, don't have a pic!) After about 15 minutes of pretending we didn't have goosebumps on every inch of our bodies and that the arrival of a rather loud group of children and their entourage didn't bother us, we headed back inside. The food was okay... There was one vegetarian option and it was grand. Wouldn't be racing back there but t'was grand.

We asked at the reception about the best walk to take and she sent us in the right direction. 

After we scooted past the pram parade and were on our own, the walk was beautiful. It helped that the sun came out. The walk was the perfect mixture of so many types of landscape; paths (yes that's a type), lake views, wildflower fields and lush green forests.

The FOREST. Wow. I'm still thinking of it. There really was something very magical feeling about it. My man especially loved acting as photographer. He seemed resistant to a little bit of direction from me however. "No, not like that, like this!" "Higher, put the camera higher!" "It's like you don't even want to be here!" "It's just a nettle sting." "Dog poo washes off, you winge." #worthit.

                                             That light!


So...the last thing to note if you are doing this beautiful walk. They say it's 1.5 hours. It is pretty much that BUT... IT'S NOT A LOOP!!! You need to walk back the same way! Meaning it's a 3 hour walk/hike! Didn't matter that my boyfriend continued to comment that we were walking around the lake and that there was no bridge in sight etc. There was no talking to me! We spent about 15 minutes standing in the car park trying to find someone to give us a lift back. Wagghhh! Needless to say, there were no photos taken on the return walk...


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