Brands that have inspired me ~ Part 2


They say the admitting you have a problem is the first step. If that's the case then I'm in full admission swing! Here I go with Part Deux of the brands that I love.

In the Summer of 2013, I found constant references were being made to a new shop called Shutterbug. Shutterbug was based in Kilkenny and was the brainchild of Blanaid Hennessy. If you Google her, you'll see why I have a slight obsession with her! It stocked mainly vintage items at the time. Their range of quirky yet wearable clothes (which often, vintage stores don't have) were sold at a price that I was able to afford.

I harassed my mother long enough for her to agree to drive me from Dublin to Kilkenny where myself and my sister trawled through the rails of delights on display in Shutterbug. It was like no store I'd ever seen in Ireland. The design and layout of the place alone was enough to make me want to purchase every item in stock. Faux stag's heads, rustic wood paneling and ethnic-looking rugs draped over old chairs. Perfection! I saw Blanaid in the shop and nearly died when she said she liked my style! #starstruck


A couple of years later, Shutterbug set up a pop-up shop in Dublin, meaning I could pop in to the pop-up (see what I did there?) at any time and spend my week's earnings. My boyfriend was delighted. 

Here we are in 2016. Shutterbug now goes by the name Folkster and seems to be known by everyone. They now sell evening wear, have their own bridal shop and homeware collection. They also sell though their online shop. It is clear that Blanaid and her team are not content to rest on their laurels and are constantly looking for the next niche to fill. My only wish (and I'm reluctant to put a negative in here) is that they continue stocking vintage items and keep their prices affordable. 

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