Brands that have inspired me ~ Part 1


I am someone who cannot flick through an online shop without buying something! I am a master of negotiating with myself and everyone around me. I am queen at giving myself 10 good reasons to buy something! I will trade money, time and services (WITH MYSELF!) in my mind so I can justify the purchase. I then emerge from my room, red faced and flustered as if I've been up to something naughty (which I have been I suppose!). 

Although I am susceptible to the charms of most stores, there are those that hold a particular grasp on me and my purse strings...


WOW. Run by two sisters, Spell & the Gypsy Collective has held my heart for years. One of the first images I pinned on my Pinterest was one of Spell's gorgeous flares (or 'bells' as they call them. Come on! Bells?! How could you not?!). From that first pin, I chased them down through a series of Pinterest and Instagram trawls. My first purchase was the Desert Wanderer Bells. After weeks of agonising over whether or not I should get them (they were over a hundred euro), I awoke in the middle of the night, opened my laptop, and bought them. I hardly even remember doing this. Does that give you an idea of how obsessed I was?! Two days later, they went on sale...

The saga continued when the post man arrived at my door. My father, whom I had wanted to hide the purchase from, called up to me "there's a man here with a pair of pants who says you need to pay 48 Euro." (Customs and import duties) WHAATTTTT?! So puff went the idea of my hidden purchase and puff went 48 Euro as I sheepishly handed it over to the post man. I swore I would never buy from there again, but 4 purchases later, the charges from the postman are just another hurdle I'm happy to jump over for these beautiful clothes. 

I'm a size 12 and quite curvy/jiggly on the bottom half an as gorgeous as the bells are they are perhaps not the most flattering on me! I also have to wear incredible high shoes to stop myself from tripping over them as I jiggle along, thinking I'm just like the beach babes who model on their site.


Spell and The Gypsy Collective

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